Monday, July 6, 2020

Founded 1905, Survived to Celebrate 115th Anniversary

39 companies founded in 1905 are celebrating their 115th anniversaries this year. For some surviving this year will be a trial; our hope is that by following the longevity factors uncovered in my research (see book "Lessons from Century Club Companies: Managing for Long-Term Success") they will make it through and go on to celebrate more anniversaries in the future. 22 of these companies are generational family firms; 6 are co-ops (basically customer-owned); 5 have employee ownership; just 6 are public (and one of those is still run by the founding family). They span 18 states and many industries. Having made it through the pandemic of 1918 as well as world wars, economic depression and recessions, huge shifts in culture and technology affecting how we live and work, I'm confident most of them will still be here to celebrate their 120th anniversary in five years.  Here is the list:

Agfinity, Eaton CO (co-op)

Alexander Wolf & Son, New York, NY (4th generation)

American National Insurance, Galveston TX (public; 4th generation)

Artesian Resources, Newark DE (public)

Badger Meter, Milwaukee WI (public)

Bulman Products, Grand Rapids MI

C.H. Robinson, Eden Prairie MN (public)

Columbia Restaurant, Tampa FL (5th generation)

Earlville Farmers Cooperative Elevator, Earlville IL (co-op)

E.F. Boyd & Son, Cleveland OH (3rd & 4th generations)

Farmers Elevator, Pelican Rapids MN (co-op)

Farmers Lumber, Rock Valley IA (co-op)

Frank Brunckhorst Company (Boars Head) Sarasota FL (5th generation)

Fremont Company, Fremont OH (4th generation)

G.W. Smith Lumber, Lexington NC (4th generation; ESOP)

Galatoire's, New Orleans LA (4th generation)

H-E-B, San Antonio TX (3rd generation)

Herman Miller, Zeeland MI (public, ESOP)

Holiday Bar, Grand Rapids MI (3rd generation)

Home Lumber, Ashland KS (ESOP)

Horween Leather, Chicago IL (5th generation)

Lovewell's Corner Store, Lupton MI

Manson Construction, Seattle WA (ESOP)

McKissack & McKissack, New York NY (3rd generations)

Meadowland Farmers Cooperative, Lamberton MN (co-op)

Milkins Jewelers, Wyandotte MI (4th generation)

Lang Building Supply, Brunswick GA (4th generation)

National Presto Industries, Eau Claire WI (public)

Padnos, Holland MI (3rd & 4th generations)

Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing MN (3rd generation)

Ridgway Mailing, Dallas TX

Rolland Safe & Lock, Dallas TX (3rd generation)

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, Saginaw MI (5th generation; ESOP)

Tabatchnick Fine Foods, Somerset NJ (5th generation)

UWM Men's Shop, Salt Lake City UT (5th generation)

Ward Office Furniture, Modesto CA (4th & 5th generations)

Wheaton-Dumont Cooperative Elevator, Wheaton MN (co-op)

Wigwam Mills, Sheboygan WI (4th generation)

Yakima Federal Savings & Loan, Yakima WA

Thursday, June 18, 2020

20 Companies Celebrate 120 Years in 2020

That's a lot of 20s! 1900 saw the start of a new century and the founding of these companies, who survived to see another century. Only one of these is a public company and most (three-quarters) are generational family firms. Congratulations to these Century Club Companies celebrating their 120th anniversaries this year.

Armstrong International, Three Rivers MI (5th generation)

Bamonte's, New York City NY (4th generation) This Brooklyn restaurant was the setting for several episodes of The Sopranos

Banner Banks, Birnamwood WI

Block Communications, Toledo OH (3rd generation)

Dykstra Funeral Homes, Holland MI (3rd generation)

French Oil Mill Machinery, Piqua OH (4th generation)

Fris Supply Shop, Holland MI (4th & 5th generations)

Getz's, Marquette MI (4th generation)

Gilbert Chocolates, Jackson MI

Graniterock, Watsonville CA (5th generation) 

H.H. Hankins & Brother, Bridgeton NJ (3rd generation?)

Mans Lumber, Trenton MI (4th generation)

McNerney Companies, Northwood OH (4th generation)

NEP Telephone, Forest City PA

Ralph's Restaurant, Philadelphia PA (5th generation)

Rosa Food Products, Philadelphia PA (4th generation)

Schramm, West Chester PA (4th generation)

Shiver Lumber, Americus GA (4th generation)

Weyerhaeuser, Seattle WA (public)

Wright, Lindsey & Jennings, Little Rock AR

Thursday, June 4, 2020

16 Companies Celebrate 125th Anniversaries in 2020

125 years in business means your company started in 1895 and has survived well into another century. Though 2020 has not been what any of us expected, those firms operating on longevity principles uncovered in my research ("Lessons From Century Club Companies: Managing for Long-Term Success") will likely survive another year. Ten are generational - even two of the public companies are closely held with family board members; one is employee-owned and one a co-op (basically customer-owned). So now, let's take a moment to celebrate:

Albany International, Rochester NH (public)

Capital City Bank, Tallahassee FL (3rd generation)

J.C. Newman Cigar, Tampa FL (4th generation)

Kansas City Life Insurance, Kansas City MO (public; 4th generation)

Kirlin Lighting, Detroit MI (4th generation)

Lennox International, Richardson TX, (public, 4th generation)

Lincoln Electric, Euclid OH (public)

Louis' Lunch, New Haven CT (4th generation)

McNulty's Tea & Coffee, New York City NY

Mid-Cape Home Centers, South Dennis MA

Rudolph's Meat Market, Dallas TX (3rd generation)

Rumsey Electric, Conshohocken PA (employee-owned)

Stanford Grain, Stanford IL (co-op)

Swann's Furniture, Tyler TX (4th & 5th generations)

Vowell & Sons, Martin TN (5th generation)

W.W. Fairbairn & Sons, Alanson MI (5th generation)

Monday, June 1, 2020

17 Companies Founded 1890 Celebrate 130th Anniversary

Seventeen companies founded in 1890 are still around today to celebrate their 130th anniversaries: four of them public, one 100% employee-owned and nine generational family firms. Congratulations all!

A.M. Castle & Company, Oak Brook IL (public) 

Bartell Drugs, Seattle WA (2nd generation)

Church's Lumber Yards, Auburn Hills MI (4th generation)

Curtis Lumber, Ballston Spa NY (4th generation)

Emerson Electric, Ferguson MO (public)

Engquist Lumber, Harcourt IA (4th generation)

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, Oak Brook IL (public)

Marshalltown Company, Marshalltown IA

Muskegon Awning & Fabrication, Muskegon MI

Oliver Products, Grand Rapids MI

Pomeroy Funeral Homes, Croswell MI (3rd generation)

Stifel Financial, St. Louis MO (public)

Sundt, Tempe AZ (employee-owned)

Teufel Nursery, Hillsboro OR (4th generation)

Ward Lumber, Jay NY (4th generation)

Wheelwright Lumber, Ogden UT (3rd generation?)

Whitehead's Cutlery, Butte MT (3rd, 4th & 5th generations)

Thursday, May 28, 2020

135 Years in Business is a BIG Deal!

At first glance, 135 doesn't necessarily sound like a milestone to celebrate - it's not like a 100th or 125th anniversary. But these 22 companies, which were founded in 1885, passed their 100th and 135th milestones and are still operating today. That's not an easy task. There is only one publicly-traded company in the group, but several generational family firms; these 22 companies span several industries and represent 11 different states. Let's take a few minutes to recognize the accomplishment of 125 years in business!

Belden Brick, Canton OH (4th & 5th generation)

Bemberg Iron Works, Little Rock AR (3rd generation?)

Block Drug Stores, New York City (2nd generation)

Cretors, Wood Dale IL (5th generation)

Central Michigan Paper, Ada MI

Clay City Pottery, Clay City IN (5th & 6th generations)

Cromwell Architects Engineers, Little Rock AR

E.C. Barton, Jonesboro AR (ESOP)

Gibson's Bakery, Oberlin OH (4th generation)

Havertys Furniture, Atlanta GA (public)

HLW International, New York City

Hayden & Sons Hardware, Cassopolis MI

Home Lumber, Whitewater WI (4th generation)

Humphrey's Building Supply, Tirerton RI

John Krtil Funeral, New York City

L. Sweet Lumber, Provincetown RI (3rd & 4th generations)

M.G. Newell, Greensboro NC (4th generation)

P. Flanigan & Sons, Baltimore MD (5th generation)

Randall Brothers, Atlanta GA (4th generation)

Reusch Jewelers, Petoskey MI (4th generation)

Steinkamp Home Center, Huntington IN (4th generation)

W.C. Bradley, Columbus GA (4th generation)

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

8 Companies Celebrate 140th Anniversaries in 2020

Eight companies founded in 1880 have survived world wars, economic depression and multiple recessions to celebrate their 140th anniversaries this year. If they practice the longevity factors identified in my research ("Lessons From Century Club Companies: Managing for Long-Term Success") I expect they will make it through these trying times as well. 

Ball Corporation, Broomfield CO (Public)

Citizens State Bank, Lena IL

Freeport Press, New Philadelphia PA

L. S. Starrett, Athol MA (Public, 5th generation, ESOP)

Sandersville Builders Supply, Sandersville GA (3rd generation)

Shaver Transportation, Portland OR (5th generation)

Usinger's, Milwaukee WI (4th generation)

Wiederkehr Wine Cellars, Altus AR (3rd & 4th generations)

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Eight Companies Celebrate 145 Years in 2020 - Four are 5th Generation

145th anniversary may not seem like a major milestone, but think about what it takes for a company that began in 1875 to survive to 2020. These eight companies did it:

Anderson's Bookshops, Naperville IL, 5th generation (started as a pharmacy that also sold books, now three bookstores)

Chauvin Brothers, Chauvin LA, 5th generation (lumber and building materials)

Columbus McKinnon, Getzville NY, public (global equipment manufacturer)

Daniel Orr Sons Hardware, North Branch MI, 5th generation (retail hardware store)

Keep & Martinson Lumber, Tekonsha MI (lumber & building materials)

Normandin, San Jose CA, 5th generation (retail automotive)

Prudential, Newark NJ, public (global insurance & investments)

Schnipper, Britton & Stobaugh, Hot Springs AR (law firm)