Tuesday, January 26, 2010

305 Companies and Counting.....

One of my student researchers, Alison Meshkin, has put together our first "scrubbed" list of U.S. companies over 100 years old and it has over 300 companies on it. This list consists mostly of large, national companies. Another student researcher, Kurt Goldsby, has a list of around 30 Michigan companies we have culled from various sources, including newspaper stories and ads. I'm sure there are many smaller local or regional companies we can add to our data base as we hear about them, so I am sending this appeal to my "followers" out there to post a comment when you hear of a company that should be part of this Century Club.


  1. Euclid Chemical will celebrate 100 years in 2010. We are part of the RPM family of companies.

    Ralph Meyer
    Euclid Chemical HR Business Partner

  2. I'm pleased to announce that The French Oil Mill Machinery Company of Piqua, Ohio is celebrating it's 110th birthday today. http://www.frenchoil.com/

  3. You can also add Rozzi's Famous Fireworks to your list, in business since 1895. http://www.rozzifireworks.com/Home

  4. TATA Groups of India is running smoothly and successfully for more than 142 years till now.It was established in the year 1868.

  5. Swann's Furniture Company in Tyler, Texas was founded in 1895 and going into its 4th generation.

  6. Skaff Furniture Carpet One Floor and Home in Flint MI will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2011. Third generation family owned, and proud to be part of the next century.

    David Smith
    VP Skaff Furniture Carpet One

  7. Thank you all for these postings! I wish there was a better way to gather this information....perhaps we can convince our Governors to establish Century Clubs in every state - what a great way to celebrate the dedication of businesses to their customers, employees and communities.

  8. One more for you: founded in 1900, Lovejoy is a leading power transmission coupling manufacturer. Well into our 4th generation, Lovejoy remains a family held company (headquartered in Downers Grove, IL... with a 2nd mfg facility in South Haven, MI).


    Elliot Wilson
    Lovejoy, Inc.