Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Up to 880 Companies Over 100 Years Old!

The list of public companies over 100 years old that was published by USA Today last week has given me a number of additions to my data base of old companies. A great many of the additions are financial institutions or utilities. My student researchers will be recalculating statistics for quite a while!

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  1. The company I run in St. Louis (ELANTAS PDG, Inc.) will be 100 years old on November 19, 2019. We were started in ST. Louis in 1919 as a paint and coatings company by Pericles D. George and the company was original called The PD George Co. The business was family run for 3 generations and was purchased by the ALTANA Group of Germany in 1996. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of that company. We are a resin manufacturer who service the electric and electronic insulation needs of manufacturers of motors, generators, transformers and the electronic subsystems that service those customers. Just in case we qualify as part of your statistics.