Thursday, January 9, 2020

U.S. Oldest Jeweler and Second Oldest Law Firm Celebrate 235 Year Anniversaries

1785 saw the beginning of two of America's oldest continuously-operating firms: Bixler's Jewelers in Allentown, PA and Cooper, Erving & Savage legal services in Albany, NY. 

In 2006 the 6th generation Bixler to own the jewelry store sold the business to another jeweler; in 2016 it was sold once again to Perry Sporn who changed the name of his company (Sporn Co.) to Bixler's. Once a Century Club company leaves the family, that is often the beginning of the end. However, in the case of Bixler's it looks like Sporn intends to celebrate all that enabled Bixler's longevity as a retail jeweler and do what is necessary to ensure its operation into the future by establishing Bixler's as a wholesale brand. 

The "Cooper" in the Albany, NY law firm Cooper Erving & Savage comes from the son and grandson of author James Fenimore Cooper. Paul joined the firm in 1850 and his son James became a partner in 1882. The firm was founded, however, by Abraham Van Vechten in 1785 when he became the first lawyer admitted to practice in New York after the adoption of the state constitution. He has since been referred to as the "Father of the New York Bar." Today's lawyers with the firm are still providing legal services to individuals and businesses in upstate New York.

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