Monday, January 21, 2019

Just One U.S. Company Celebrates 175th Anniversary in 2019

Congratulations go out to 5th generation family-owned and operated Maine building materials, lumber yard, and hardware store S. W. Collins Company on 175 years in business! In true Century Club fashion, they are celebrating this anniversary by making major donations to local causes in the communities in which they do business. Significantly, their mission is to continue to offer excellent products and legendary service as they strive to be an active, positive influence in the communities in which they live and work.

Celebrating Collins' 175th anniversary and the company's commitment to continued operations and service to their communities is especially notable since the one other company that would have celebrated 175 years in 2019, Harden Furniture, ceased operations last year. The 5th generation company was acquired through a foreclosure auction by a capital investment group and its later sale to a manufacturer intending to continue it as a brand product line fell through, according to Furniture Today.

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