Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Six Companies Join the Century Club in 2019

Though I hope to discover more as the year goes on, let's start the year with congratulations to these companies founded in 1919 and still going strong:

Crescent Electric Supply Company is a privately-owned electrical equipment wholesaler based in East Dubuque IL

Third generation Durkee-Mower Inc. of Lynn, MA is best know for their Marshmallow Fluff, which they have been producing since 1920.

Fourth generation Elebash's Jewelers has been a fixture of downtown Pensacola, FL since 1919 when two Elebash brothers purchased Lindenstruth Jewelers and renamed the store Elebash's.

Max Gordon is the 3rd generation owner-operator of Max Gordon Auto Parts & Battery Mart in Racine WI, a business started by his grandfather, Max, in 1919.

Grand Rapids, MI based Rowerdink is one of the largest wholesale auto parts distributors in the Midwest, led by John Rowerdink (I need help with generation of ownership)

With the invention of the 1st practical electric hair clipper in 1919, 3rd generation Wahl Clipper Corp of Sterling, IL has been a leader in home and professional grooming.

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  1. One that may have been missed here - Doyle Security Systems in Rochester, NY -

    Awesome site!