Thursday, February 16, 2017

13 US Generational Family-Owned Funeral Homes Are Over 150 Years Old

Several of the longevity practices that turned up in my research of companies over 100 years old have to do with personalized customer service and close ties to the firm's local community. Perhaps because these are also practices of well-run funeral homes, we find a rather large number (relatively speaking) among Century Club Companies and that the majority of these have been run by the same family for generations. Longevity congratulations to the following generational funeral homes in operation for over 150 years. I would love to hear of more!

Backman Funeral Home, Strasburg PA  1769  8th generation

Rogers Funeral Home, Frankfort KY  1802  7th generation

Bear Funeral Home, Churchville VA  1812  6th generation

Eaton Funeral Homes, Newton MA  1818  6th generation

Stuard Funeral Home, Ardmore PA  1822  6th generation

Mitchell-Wiedenfeld Funeral Home, Baltimore MD  1837  6th generation

Wilbert Funeral Home, Plaquemine LA  1850  6th generation

Smith & Sons Funeral Homes, Columbia City IN  1851  5th generation

Davis Funeral Chapel, Leavenworth KS  1855 6th generation

Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Services, Columbus OK  1855  5th & 6th generations

Laufersweiler-Sievers Funeral Homes, Fort Dodge IA  1856  5th generation

Quinn Funeral Homes, Warwick RI  1857  4th generation

J. Henry Stuhr, Charleston SC  1865  5th generation