Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nearly 200 Years of Family Boat Builders

                      East Boothbay, Maine

Hodgdon Yachts is one of those Corporate Century Club gems: in business for nearly 200 years and still run by the founding family - their current president, Timothy Hodgdon is 5th generation.  Here's what they say on their website:

"Our goal at Hodgdon Yachts is to build the world's best sailing or motor yacht. It's that simple. And to us, building a world-class yacht is measured in how well design and aesthetics are balanced with practical issues of engineering and performance. Hodgdon vessels have earned the reputation of 'heirloom boat' for more than their extraordinary looks. They also stand the test of time. At the foundation of every sailing and motor vessel we build, you'll find a consummate team of craftsmen, the industry's most advanced construction technology and a passion for excellence. It's the way we've built boats for nearly two centuries."

And here's the "team of craftsmen" also posted on their website:

The Hodgdon Yachts boatbuilding crew

In just two more years, Hodgdon will qualify to become a member of the Henokeins Association - companies over 200 years still run by the founding family.  Quite a feat.

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