Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sawyer Bentwood

Sawyer Bentwood is a family-run operation in Whitington, Vermont that has been in business since 1801 - that's over 200 years.

Bentwood Components. Custom Bendings. Edge Bands. Table Skirts. Chair Backs and Bench Bow Backs. Rocker Runners. Wood Slats. Wood Splats.

Today, Sawyer Bentwood specializes in steam bending wood to manufacture a large variety of hardwood products using a special steam-bending technique. 

If you visit their web-site you will see they exhibit a characteristic I have found in many of the companies in the "Century Club" - a commitment to environmentalism.  Though many people might associate "green" initiatives more with newer, entrepreneurial firms, I have found many of the 100-year-old companies I have studied to be at the forefront of environmental initiatives.  These initiatives may stem from one of the distinguishing factors of the old companies - a commitment to and involvement in their communities.  Also, since leaders of these old companies tend to see themselves as "stewards" of their company (rather than making a name for themselves). this perhaps also extends into feeling obliged to be stewards of the environment.

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