Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nearly 200 Years of Helpful Information

The 2015 Baer Almanac is now available!

 Providing information for farmers and gardeners since 1817 (since 1825 in English), this year John Baer's Sons has this to say about their almanac:

"Readers like our almanac because it is full of interesting information and no advertising. First and foremost are our calendar pages that tell farmers and gardeners all they need to now about planting times: sun and moon rises and sets, signs of the zodiac and weather predictions for the year. You'll know exactly when planets are visible in the sky and when to go fishing; when to plant root crops and when to set hens, too.
Every year we offer our readers some short biographies of historic Americans and this year is no different: Read about Gen. George McClellan who ran against Lincoln in his last election, and about Andrew Johnson, who tried to win the Democratic nomination for his second term, but failed. And of course, there's always more to learn about plants, such as the three distinct varieties of irises, or the many pleasures of a fragrance garden. Find out how to store winter squash, beets and carrots, too!"

You can find enjoy this bit of Americana for just $7.50 from John Baer's Sons, PO Box 328, Lancaster, Pa 17608

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