Thursday, August 28, 2014

Recycling Textile Waste for 175 Years!

E. Butterworth & Co., Inc. *
    *  Also known as EBCO and "The Absorbent Company" and e-rags 

Founded in 1839, E. Butterworth opened its U.S. office in 1860 to act as U.S. agents for cotton waste being brought into the country from its parent in England.  In 1867 it was purchased from the parent company and is now a privately-owned, independent firm.  The company continues to recycle textile waste into baled textile products and also provides a variety of new knit mill end wiping cloths.

E. Butterworth & Co. is one of the oldest companies in the world handling textile waste.  Though I have noticed that many 100-year-old companies have leading edge environmental policies, this company's business is recycling and has been for its entire history.  They are a proud member of SMART - an international association of secondary materials and recycled textiles.



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